Sunday, November 1, 2009

Picture Font l PI

Some of my most impressive work involve creating picture fonts such as Sunburst, PalPack, Symbloc, PawPack, Arronts, SpeakUp, and RetroTraveller. There are 96 characters in each font, but I experimented with more than 200 shapes in order to come up with the quality that I am satisfied with. All of the fonts are distributed worldwide by T.26 Digital Type Foundry Company. The picture fonts are versatile and can be combined or manipulated to allow the user to communicate his or her message visually. For instance, I like to experiment with the fonts by mixing characters with each other to create an infinite amount of new patterns or shapes for the desired purpose. I consider picture fonts as a bridge between aesthetics and utility and as a method of visual communication that can be understood on a global level, transcending the boundaries of language.